Anne Hathaway Nose Job 2019 – “She Revealed It!“

She really looks like a princess just like her role in “The Princess Diaries” movie; Anne Hathaway always caught media and people attention with her beautiful face and lovely appearance. She played in many movies and series with brilliant performance and acting. She is one of the most successful actresses in the Hollywood industry, and there is no doubt if her popularity will rise even more. However, as a public figure, she also gains media attention with Anne Hathaway nose job rumour, which spread like a fire on the internet and another news site. Did she or did not she? Well, it is up to you whether you believe the rumour or not, but before making the conclusion, read the information below about her nose job procedure and issue.

Anne Hathaway Nose Job Before And After Pictures 2019

anne hathaway nose job before and after 2019

Anne Hathaway Before And After Nose Job

Did Anne Hathaway Have Nose Job?

Has Anne Hathaway had a nose job? Anna Hathaway is a pretty Hollywood actress who played many roles already; however, she cannot let her image out from nose job rumour. The fact that she is gone under surgery knife for some nose job is not surprising since many celebrities also did that before. It becomes a habit for Hollywood celebrities to do plastic surgery whatever it is, including nose job or rhinoplasty procedure. The pressure to become Hollywood actress in America is you need to have a perfect appearance to survive in the industry and thus makes many celebrities become crazy with plastic surgeries by taking them as a solution to alter their look and apparently Anna is no exception.

If you ask the reason behind her nose job, then she already told the media about it. Yes, she revealed that she has a nose job during her career life, and we should appreciate her decision to open about her surgery procedure and why she planned it. Just like we mentioned before, Anna thinks that her nose shape does not perfect yet compared with other beautiful girls. She suffered from Hollywood pressure to become a pretty woman and start to compare herself with other women. She clearly said to the media that during early her career life, she needs to become more beautiful and as a young girl, she starts to become aware about her look and compare it with other girls. She decided to change her appearance and finally make a conclusion about her nose job, which did not look good before. Anna also mentioned that her new nose right now maker her face entirely looks different.

Anne Hathaway Nose Job 2019 Comparison

anne hathaway today before and after nose job 2019

Anne Hathaway Today 2019

From her interview above, we can definitely say that she satisfied with her nose job and it also increases her confidence in front of the camera. Well, at least her new nose shape looks really fit on her pretty face, and it seems she did not overdo it. Thanks to her appropriate plastic surgery plan, she does not end with a botched look, which can ruin her face. Furthermore, she said that she does not plan to change her looks radically just for some self-esteem which is good. Hopefully, she does not do other plastic surgeries because she is naturally a beauty with her typical brown long hair.

Anna Hathaway Rhinoplasty Before After Pictures Comparison

You can trace Anna Hathaway Rhinoplasty surgery by comparing her old pictures with her recent pictures nowadays. Her nose before looks rounder and bigger, but she decided to reduce it a bit and make it smaller and slimmer as well. Her nose becomes more pointed than before, her new nose now is smoother, and it looks great on her face.

Besides nose job, she also rumoured to have other plastic surgeries such as breast implant and filler injection. Well, she is not young anymore and she already in her 30s and maybe she needs to maintain her younger look by done some surgeries here and there.

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