Amerie Nose Job – Amerie Nose Job 2019 – “She Deny It, But Public Can See It All“

Talk about celebrity ethnic plastic surgery then we need to bring Amerie nose job rumour. Amerie or also known as Amerie is an American recording artist and the record producer as well as an actress. In her 35 years old, she is being accused of having a rhinoplasty or nose job to alter her look. Amerie nose surgery is maybe possible since most people want to look better and perfect especially public figure in the Hollywood industry. As for Amerie, it is quite obvious that there is some significant change on her nose shape, and that is why people start to suspect her gone under the knife.

Amerie Nose Job Before And After Pictures 2019

amerie nose job before and after 2019

Amerie Before And After Nose Job

Has Amerie had a nose job? Discussion about Amerie rhinoplasty procedure becomes a hot topic among fans and celebrity viewers right after she appears with drastic transformation. Just look at her subtle nose, which completely getting better after doing the procedure. Indeed that as an actress and a half Asian, Amerie already has a lovely face and sexy body, but it does not mean that the actress already satisfied with her own look. Nose job or rhinoplasty itself is a plastic surgery procedure which becomes a trend in the Hollywood industry, and we also often heard news about plastic surgery alteration which was done by those celebrities. It seems Amerie wants to follow the same steps just like any other celebrities and of course, with the same reason instead of a medical issue.

Did Amerie Have Nose Job?

There are certain rumours that Amerie is also gone under the knife for other plastic surgeries beside nose job. This suggests us that the celebrity really wants to change her appearance. Many said that the nose job itself had done by Amerie not too long ago right when she decided to release her new album “I Love It Vol. 2 in 2014, of course, the procedure is taken before the album released. In 2013, when she started working with her new album, suddenly she speaks to the public by said that she wants to amaze her fans with something different and when finally her new album came out, people start to pointed out at her nose which looks so different than before. So, did she give some hints to us that she undergoes rhinoplasty, huh?

Amerie Nose Job 2019 Comparison

amerie today before and after nose job 2019

Amerie Today 2019

Amerie before after nose job pictures will show us her evolution, which focused on her nose shape. Past pictures show that her original nose before she did procedure appears large and wide on the nostril, the tip is also a bit flat, especially her bridge. Her natural nose shape maybe makes her uncomfortable in front of the camera, and that is why she planned to fix it with the help of a plastic surgeon. The result is well done since the new nose which can be seen on Amerie recent pictures looks more refined and smaller. You know, typically nose job result is the pinched nose and very tiny nostril; well we can see such a characteristic on Amerie new nose right now. The tip is also more pointed than before plus the nose bridge appears narrower. Overall, Amerie new nose helps her to gain more perfect and flawless appearance, which later can affect her career as an actress.

Amerie Denied the Nose Job Rumor, But Media can See It All

Amerie denied the nose job rumour and other plastic surgeries which she also accused for. Besides nose job, she has been sued for other procedures such as skin lightening which seems weird since she already has an Asian gene. Maybe she wants to play up with her Asia side for more. Anyway, that’s some review about Amerie plastic surgery nose job and skin lightening. Well, do you believe that Amerie really has had work done?

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