Amanda Bynes Nose Job 2019 – “It Just To Correct Her Birth Defect“

Amanda Bynes fame has begin since she was still a child, that is why she has been in the industry for more than half of her live. Soon she becomes adult actress which completely change her attitude into more open since she does not hide anything that she done. What makes people shock is about her statement on Amanda Bynes nose job which she done several times. She shares all of that in her twitter where she made a statement about her nose as a birth defect which she has to carry on for 27 years of her life.

Amanda Bynes Nose Job Before And After Pictures 2019


amanda bynes today before and after nose job 2019

Amanda Bynes Before And After Nose Job

Did Amanda Bynes Have Nose Job? Amanda Bynes Birth Defect in Her Nose Shape That She Alter

Amanda Bynes has made a statement on her twitter that she feels ashamed about the shape of her nose which appears webbing and ugly. That is why she does not like her nose at all and wants to change the shape into more perfect one. She said she would remove that as a birth defect which she has to live on her life. She said she had done her first nose surgery in June to change the shape, and then she will need to wait for nose job recovery before doing the second one.

On Amanda Bynes second job procedure that will be done shortly after the recovery, her plastic surgery will shaved the nose bridge so it will become smaller then will sculptured the rest of her nose to more perfect shape. With her second nose job the shape would be altered completely and the changes has done perfect transformation on her. If you see the result of her surgery you will be shock since the change on her nose is able to dramatically change her appearance in whole.

New Amanda Bynes nose shape that also changes her life

Amanda Bynes said that she loves the shape of her new nose, which is why she wants the magazines to stop using her old picture since now she does not appear like her old self anymore. If you see on Amanda Bynes before and after picture, surely the changes are very visible, so it is understandable why she does not want to see her old picture being used by the magazine since she appears different from her old self.

Amanda Bynes feels proud with the nose surgery that she done since she compares the job that she does with the surgery does for cleft lip. She said that her surgeon is a hero since they have able to cure cleft lip and now she wants to cure her birth defect on her nose. She said that she has tried to endure the shame that she had because of her nose shape so she is a hero herself. She was embarrassed with the shape of her old nose, which is why she try to alter it since she want to get more perfect shape of nose that she could be proud for.

Amanda Bynes Nose Job 2019 Comparison

amanda bynes nose job before and after 2019

Amanda Bynes Today 2019

Amanda Bynes also said that she feels that plastic surgery is a miracle for her since it could make her dream to get perfect nose shape come true. She also said that there is nothing that plastic could not do since they could use surgery in every wrong thing that we have. She said that her surgery has made her more confident than before which is a good thing since now she wants to pursue her career in the field of music and fashion. From her statement, we could see that she has become addicted to plastic surgery and that she has completely depended on it. There might be another procedure that she will do in the future.

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