Alicia Keys Nose Job 2019 – She Got More Pinched Nose Now

Famous American singer, Alicia Augello Cook or people are known her more as Alicia Keys is rumoured for having a nose job. The 34 years old celebrity talked by many people when she appears with new nose shape, suddenly many gossip sites and media discuss such topic and accused her gone under the knife to alter her look by re-shape her nose. Alicia herself is the daughter of a white woman. However she claimed herself ethnically black, despite being racial. Overall, Alicia Keys has a nice body and lovely face, and you can see it in most of her videos and when she appears in front of the camera. Who knows that behind her beautiful smile, there is plastic surgery rumour hunting her?

Alicia Keys Nose Job Before And After Pictures 2019


alicia keys today before and after nose job 2019

Alicia Keys Before And After Nose Job

Did Alicia Keys Have Nose Job?

Has Alicia Keys had a nose job? Many people examine whether Alicia Keys nose job true or false. They try to compare Alicia before after plastic surgery pictures, and you can also trace her significant changes on her nose from such pictures. As we mentioned before, Alicia is raised by a white mother despite herself stated that she is a black woman, however many wonders why she needs to change her nose shape into thinner appearance which ultimately makes it look whiter?

Alicia Keys Before After Nose Job Comparison

It is surprising that Alicia got a nose job rumour since usually, she appears beauty naturally. Indeed that many Hollywood celebrities have the same procedure in order to improve their look in front of the camera. Rhinoplasty or nose job is a popular procedure among celebrities and not only woman urge to do it, but there are lots of men celeb who have done it. To get some clarification whether Alicia really has had work done, just look on her before after pictures that spread on the internet or maybe her music video.

Alicia Keys is considered as one of the most beautiful Afro American singers, and despite being naturally pretty, she suspected to have a nose job. Past pictures of her show how different the nose shape is compared with her current appearance. Judging by the look, she used to have wide nostril and large nose shape along with bulbous tip during early her career life. The big nose is now gone replaced by a more cramped and smaller nose. As you may know, that typical rhinoplasty procedure result is the pinched nose and tinier nostril, well you can see such a description on Alicia Keys new nose right now. With narrower and sharper nose, Alicia Keys gains more confidence in front of the camera, and now she can more focus on her career.

Alicia Keys Nose Job 2019 Comparison

alicia keys nose job before and after 2019

Alicia Keys Today 2019

We acknowledge that with the new nose, Alicia’s face becomes more beautiful and the refined nose changes her appearance overall. Luckily that she got new nose shape which perfectly fit with her facial features. The result of Alicia nose job is well done, and even some people want to have a nose like Alicia Keys.

What Expert Said Regarding Alicia Keys Rhinoplasty Procedure Result?

Professional plastic surgeon expert, Dr Paul Nassif, clearly said that the singer has nose job with the ala narrowed and the tip less bulbous. Ala is the side of a nose which usually narrowed when people have rhinoplasty to make the shape tinier. Overall, Alicia Keys new nose has a natural look, and fortunately, she ended with a recognizable face. No wonder when people talk about Alicia Keys plastic surgery, they always claim that she has great result. It seems Alicia did not do multiple surgeries which is good since those who overdone it sometimes ended with the botched face.

Besides nose job, she also sued for having other plastic procedures such as lip enhancement and facelift. These two plastic surgeries are very popular in the Hollywood industry beside rhinoplasty.

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